GIVEAWAY: Madden 18!

Redskins Capital Connection is enormously excited to be able to give away two copies of Madden 18, thanks to our friends at EA Sports North America!

Specifically, we have one copy on PS4 and one copy on Xbox One to give away, and we wanted to make sure that they would go to someone who would get great use out of them. So we’ve devised a competition where we want to hear about your own Madden history, with a Redskins twist!

There are two ways to enter, but both require the same form of entry;

We want you to tell us, either in a Tweet or in the comments section of this post below, who the best player you’ve ever used on the Redskins in Madden has been!

It may be an actual Redskins player, like Sean TaylorDeSean Jackson or Robert Griffin III, or perhaps you were playing a franchise mode and made a monster trade for someone like Tom Brady or Adrian Peterson.

Tell us in one short sentence who the best player you’ve ever had in a burgundy and gold jersey has been in Madden and why, and you’ll go into the running!

Two Ways To Enter:

  1. Simply Tweet your entry using the hashtag #RCCMadden18. It is vitally important that you include the hashtag, otherwise we will not see your entry!
  2. In the comments of this post below, submit your one sentence entry!

Entries will close at midnight (ET) August 23rd, and winners will be notified on the medium of which they’ve entered. All judges decisions are final, and no appeals or complaints will be accepted. 




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