On the Warpath – Episode 14

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But how tough are these Washington Redskins? That is the central theme of debate on this week’s episode of On the Warpath, as hosts Anthony Raposa and Rob Henson are joined by Redskins Capital Connection’s own superstar rookie Robbie Duncan!

The Cardinals loss last weekend hurt the Redskins in their hunt for the wildcard spot in this year’s playoffs, so who is to blame? And after the game Coach Gruden gave the players a classic old fashioned spray, but how much does that actually help the team moving forward? Furthermore, now that Trent Williams has returned it is fair to ask; did his suspension cost the Redskins a win?

It’s another fun episode this week, so kick back, relax, and listen to two self proclaimed ‘super-nerds’ go toe-to-toe against a former NFL player and see who comes out on top!



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