Podcast: Week 17

For the Washington Redskins 2016 hopes and dreams, it all comes down to this; a win in week 17 versus the New York Giants, and the Redskins will almost certainly find themselves in the playoffs.

Together, your hosts Chad and Mark cast our eyes forward to this pivotal game and discuss the big questions. Will the Giants rest their starters given that they are locked into 5th seed? What do the Redskins need to do to win this game? Who will the Redskins likely opponents be if they do make the playoffs? And finally, the question that seems to be generating quite a lot of debate; do the Redskins deserve to make playoffs?

All that and more in what may be, but hopefully won’t be, the last Redskins Capital Connection of this 2016 Washington Redskins season!



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Redskins Capital Connection

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