Podcast: Week Fifteen w/ Master Tesfatsion

With so much happening around Redskins park, it’s a mammoth episode of Redskins Capital Connection this week as hosts Chad and Mark are joined by Master Tesfatsion (The Washington Post) to break it all down;

Josh Norman’s pivotal battle against his former team this week could see his newly adopted Redskins formally end the Panthers season – how does that weigh on Norman and is he the kind of player who will have had this game circled on the calendar for a while?

Beyond just Josh Norman, this is a huge game for the Redskins this week as they remain in the hunt for the NFC wildcard ticket to the playoffs, but they need to keep winning to stay within reach.

We also ask the question that has been dominating Redskins social media this week; who do you keep in 2017 between DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon?

We dive head first in to all the key aspects of this week’s game, and leave no stone unturned, unless we have deemed that stone ugly and boring. We aren’t stone communists, after all.

Join us, won’t you, for another fun edition of the Redskins Capital Connection!



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