Redskins Fans Want Dallas after beating Green Bay 42-24

As fans left the stadium they were boisterous, loud, and proud. The chants of “We want Dallas! We want Dallas!” rained down the ramps and escalators as fans worked their way out of FedEx Field, savoring a rare prime time win against the free falling Green Bay Packers.

Come this Thursday, they will get their wish and a chance to chip away at the Dallas Cowboys 9-1 record and defend their NFC East crown. If they go down to Dallas and steal a turkey leg win on Thanksgiving, get ready for them to take the whole league by storm afterward.

This past game was a wild shootout. Both quarterbacks threw for over 300 yards and the teams traded touchdowns almost at will for a stretch in the 3rd and 4th quarters. It’s not the kind of game Washington Redskins fans are used to seeing and it was wildly entertaining. Usually there is a melt down after taking a sizable lead, inept coaching decisions, and poor officiating. Ok, well there was some of that in this game too but for whatever reason it didn’t matter as it was amazingly fun to watch.

If this offense is going to be this high flying to finish up the season, and the defense can just hold or make a turnover when needed then this team is going to be very, very scary to play against. Like clown roaming-the-neighborhood-when-its-not-Halloween scary. Or like finding said clown costume in your significant others dresser drawer scary. Yah, pretty freak’n scary.

Running back Robb “Fat Robb” Kelley is playing like a fat man who’s been told that the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Golden Corral is about to close and it will never, ever open up again. He is focused, determined, and will not be taken down without a fight.

Kelley ran for 137 yards on 24 carries and scored 3 touchdowns. An amazing feat considering that he wasn’t even drafted and wasn’t a starter until a couple of weeks ago. If he starts catching the balls thrown to him out of the backfield he could legitimately be a newly found weapon of destruction in an already large offensive arsenal.

The Redskins offensive line has come together and even has some folks on reddit asking if Ty Nsekhe is actually better than Trent Williams. The answer is obviously no. But Nsekhe is making people lose their minds for long enough that the question is even asked. I am a big believer that the same folks who are asking this question, also think that Colt McCoy could be the better starting quarterback.

Imbeciles. Clearly these individuals drink too much, and have gone blind with the amount of bath salts they have ingested.

The reality is that Kirk Cousins is going to get paid. Big time. It’s obvious to even small children at this point. He played with some emotion and leadership and clearly deserves the accolades that are coming his way. His biggest play wasn’t the long bombs he was dropping to Pierre Garcon or Jamison Crowder, but the 4th quarter, 4th and 1 on his own 40. He got just enough to keep possession and then threw another bomb to Crowder who got them to the 1 yard line where Kelley punched it in.

Speaking of punches, did you see Josh Norman’s right jab? He knocked the ball out of Jared Cook‘s hands with such force and speed, Cook still thought he had the ball in his arms until he landed on the ground. Maybe after his playing days are over, Norman could go into the UFC and slap folks around a cage for the entertainment of the 100 or so folks that care about the UFC, he obviously has the fists for it.

Redskin fans have fallen madly in love with Norman. Not only is he uber competitive and talented, he is a free agent that is actually making a difference for once. He signals a new era of front office competence and make the bygone eras of Vinny Cerrato feel like a fevered dream one has while on bath salts.

Jay Gruden has this team moving in the same direction and he has them playing with fight and spirit. When he made the call to go for it on 4th and 1 on his own side of the field he told the whole world that he believed in his team. He deserves some of the credit too as his players seem to be responding to his leadership style and fight for him.

In the beginning of the game, in between the 1st and 2nd quarters the Redskins put the “Flex Cam” on the jumbo tron and fans eagerly flexed their muscles for the cameras. I believe it’s time for all fans to flex and be proud of this team’s strengths.

The King of Flex, Arnold Schwarzenegger played uber meathead Conan, in the movie Conan the Barbarian and when his character was asked what is best in life? Conan answered: “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.” I look forward to hearing the many lamentations of Dallas fans on Thursday and will enjoy watching this Redskins team continue to develop into a real, long term contender.




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