Who We Want To Win – Week 13

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Redskins Capital Connection’s resident futurologist Mark Phillips has done what he continues to do each year; rubbed his crystal ball, recited the magic words, and cast his eye forward to determine who Redskins fans should be rooting for in all the other games that matter! The Redskins are very much still alive in the playoff hunt, but there’s always a few results that would help Washington inch closer to clinching a spot, and here they are…

Who We Want to Win – Week 13 Edition

You’re disappointed….. I’m disappointed….. We’re all disappointed. We hate losing and we hate losing to Dallas more. We had chances and lost due to a familiar blueprint. The defense couldn’t get stops even on 3rd and long. The offense struggled in the red-zone, at least in the first half. Our kicker gave the kickers excuse equivalent of “the dog ate my homework” by saying the sun was in his eyes.

“But Mark” you say… “the sun WAS in his eyes”. Hey so what. The dog occasionally did eat the homework also but the teacher didn’t give a shit so neither do I. To quote Keshawn Johnson “make the fucking kick”. Dustin Hopkins was also involved in one of the games pivotal moments when he kicked an onside kick about 8 yards too far and Dallas got a short field that led to a 31-19 lead. Not the best day for Dustin. It’s my week on the 3-2-1 on the podcast and Spoiler Alert – Dustin Hopkins won’t be in it.

No one is going to help the Redskins it appears. While the Redskins got some helpful results (Oakland over Carolina, Atlanta over Arizona, Green Bay over Philly) most games didn’t go in a way that would have been most helpful. The Redskins are going to have to do this themselves. Tampa, New Orleans and the New York Giants all won which is not what we needed.

But hey you don’t read this for analysis. You are all waiting with baited breath for……

The Redskins Review Irrelevancy List

When last we left you there were two teams on the list. Also, to make the playoffs you need to clinch over 10 NFC teams and the Redskins have clinched over the first team. The San Francisco 49ers cannot catch the Redskins. The Chicago Bears are now down to a magic number of one to being mathematically eliminated from catching the Redskins as well. Last week those were the two teams on the Redskins Review Irrelevancy List (pat pending). This week we have added three teams to the list. Two for good reasons and one for bad reasons. The teams on this list no longer really matter to the Redskins and their games don’t matter either unless they are playing a team that does matter to the Redskins. The updated list is…..

  1. The San Francisco 49ers (eliminated from catching the Redskins)
  2. The Chicago Bears (Magic Number – 1)
  3. The Los Angeles Rams (Magic Number – 3)
  4. The Carolina Panthers (Magic Number – 3)
  5. The Dallas Cowboys (We can’t realistically catch them)


As always there are several candidates to join the list this week. The Bears are the only team the Redskins can eliminate from catching them this week. That will happen with a Redskins win or a Bears loss. All the teams on the list for induction this week will only make it if the Redskins also win. Candidates for irrelevancy this week….

  1. The Arizona Cardinals (The Redskins play them so….)
  2. The Green Bay Packers
  3. The New Orleans Saints
  4. The Philadelphia Eagles

All the above teams, with a loss and a Redskins win, would be 2 and a half games back with four to play. They wouldn’t be catching the Redskins.


9. The Seattle Seahawks (Only if they win because that would basically clinch the NFC West)

For now, let’s talk about the games that matter to the Redskins this week. As always, they are ranked from what I consider least important to most important to the Redskins….

I was 5-2 in picking last week’s games that didn’t involve the Redskins. The Bucs keep screwing me up. Back to back impressive wins so we will be watching them for a while.

8. Kansas City at Atlanta

The Falcons haven’t been able to create space in the South and they are only a half-game ahead of the Redskins so they are very much in play. The bad news is the Falcons have the easiest remaining schedule of all remaining contenders based of opponents record (22-33). This game is the only game left on the Falcons schedule against a team that currently has a winning record. If you have been reading weekly, you know to always go with the AFC over the NFC. Kansas City is coming off an emotional division win. I will be pulling hard for them but I expect Atlanta to win.

7. Green Bay at Houston

AFC over NFC. However, the Packers are, after this week, both an ally and a threat. They play Minnesota and Detroit later. If Green Bay wins this game they do have Seattle next so the road isn’t easy but Aaron Rogers scares me more than Sam Bradford of Jameis Winston. The Redskins need a stake driven into the Packers heart because if they win this that’s two in a row then beat Seattle at home that’s what you call a winning streak. Oh, and if that happens their next game would be against the Bears. Root hard for Houston in this one but don’t expect them to win. Aaron Rogers >>>>>>>>>> Brock Osweiler

6. Detroit at New Orleans

Set four Daily Fantasy Football lineups using strictly players from this game. I’m only half joking. This should be a game where we may find out if NFL scoreboards can accommodate triple digits. The Lions lead the NFC North and I think it is in the Redskins best interest if they stay there. While it is unlikely the Redskins will end up in a tie-breaker scenario with anyone the Lions have the head to head win so by winning the division the Lions won’t be a tie-breaker factor for us. The Saints are 5-6 and still have both games left against Tampa Bay after this. I think the Lions winning is what we should be pulling for. However, I expect the Saints to win which will make their week 14 game at Tampa Bay a huge one for playoff purposes.

5. New York Giants at Pittsburgh

OK Giants fans; the Parade of Cupcakes is over. The Giants last three games have been Cincinnati, Chicago and Cleveland and they have struggled beating them. The Giants have the toughest remaining schedule of all the relevant Wild Card contenders. The Steelers might be their easiest remaining game. The Giants are a decent team but they are a candidate for collapse. You don’t need me to tell you to vote for the Steelers but I will anyway. Root for the Steelers. I expect the Steelers will make us happy and win. This game is happening at the same time as the Redskins game so I doubt most of us will be paying too much attention to it.

4. Philadelphia at Cincinnati

Laughing at the Eagles is fun. I like laughing at them. There fans are fun stupid unlike the Cowboys fans who are stupid-stupid of Giants fans who are merely delusional at times. There is no team whose fans are more fun to watch after a loss. I’m not a bathe in their tears kinda guy but I do occasionally stick my toe in the Eagles loss pool. Funniest losers in America. Hey Eagles fans… blown a 3-0 start…. Can’t relate. Root for these comedians to lose on Sunday obviously buy sadly for my comedy reading enjoyment they probably win.

3. Tampa Bay at San Diego

The Bucs are becoming a threat. A scary one at that. Wins over Kansas City in Kansas City and a win over Seattle should have your attention. Now Seattle was really banged up on the OL and were making their 2nd West to East trip in three weeks so they may not have been at the peak of their powers but the Buc D dominated them. The same Buc D that gave up 37 points to Case Keenum. The Chargers are no joke though. They beat Atlanta in Atlanta and have a win over Denver. They have battled back to 5-6 after a 1-4 start and probably need to run the table to have any shot at the playoffs. As good as Tampa has played lately I am still not a believer. AFC over NFC yada, yada, yada and I think the Chargers beat them.

2. Dallas at Minnesota

OK this is where you get mad at me. You scream things like “NO F’ING WAY” and “BLASPHEMY”…. Ok probably not blasphemy but you get my point. Dallas is a team we need to root for a lot the rest of the year. We aren’t catching them and they play multiple teams that we are in contention with. Yes, the Redskins can take care of business themselves and that is always plan A but Dallas winning is good for the Redskins and as fans I feel you should always be in favor of what is good for you before you are in favor of what is bad for your enemy. Dallas winning this game is good for the Redskins. I’m in favor of what is good for the Redskins. I expect Dallas to win to send the Vikings to 6-6. Send your hate mail to Chad Ryan.

1. Washington at Arizona

Duh…. You do realize the Redskins haven’t won a road game since Week 5 against Baltimore. The next two are on the road.

Finally, a new feature. My weekly Redskins Wild Card Threat Power Rankings:

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Minnesota Vikings
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Arizona Cardinals



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