2015 Schedule: First Impressions

We’ve known which teams will appear on the Redskins 2015 schedule since January, but now that we know the extent of the full schedule, it’s time to take a closer look.

Here is the schedule in it’s entirety:

Washington Redskins 2015 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1 – Miami @ Washington
Week 2 – St Louis @ Washington
Week 3 – Washington @ New York Giants – Thursday Night
Week 4 – Philadelphia @ Washington
Week 5 – Washington @ Atlanta
Week 6 – Washington @ New York Jets
Week 7 – Tampa Bay @ Washington
Week 8 – BYE
Week 9 – Washington @ New England
Week 10 – New Orleans @ Washington
Week 11 – Washington @ Carolina
Week 12 – New York Giants @ Washington
Week 13 – Dallas @ Washington – Monday Night
Week 14 – Washington @ Chicago
Week 15 – Buffalo @ Washington
Week 16 – Washington @ Philadelphia – Saturday Night
Week 17 – Washington @ Dallas

First things first, lets look at the positives. The Redskins get their first two games of the season at home, and against teams that are not strong offensively, meaning new Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry doesn’t have to stay up having nightmares about facing elite Quarterbacks in his first couple of games.  In fact, you could go so far as to say that the Redskins only face 3 top tier Quarterbacks all season; Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Tony Romo.

Another nice feature of the schedule for the Redskins is that arguably their toughest game of the season, their Week 9 matchup versus the reigning Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, comes on the back of their Week 8 bye, meaning they can go into it rested and relaxed.

Now lets look at the nastier part of the schedule.

The Redskins have the unfortunate distinction of having one of the toughest final 4 weeks of the season, including 3 away games, the last 2 of which are against division rivals.

Washington are also one of the only teams in the league to have two separate blocks of back-to-back road games, in Weeks 5 and 6, and then again in Weeks 16 and 17.

Also, every single NFC East division game is in a back-to-back configuration as well, meaning that there will be no time to rebound from what will either be an emotional loss or an emotional win.

Finally, although the Redskins don’t face too many elite offenses as discussed above, there is no shortage of elite defences on the schedule this year, including two straight out of the park in Weeks 1 and 2 against the Rams and Dolphins.  Ndamukong Suh will surely be fired up and ready to prove to the world that he is worth the huge contract the Dolphins gave him, and the Redskins offensive line has the dubious honor of facing him in week 1.

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