Cousins trade coming during NFL Combine? Very possible, per report

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah spoke with a local radio show in San Diego and dropped some very interesting news that would be the first Quarterback domino to fall this upcoming season. “I would not be shocked at all if we saw a Kirk Cousins trade to San Francisco go down at that point in time (during the combine) .” Jeremiah also went on to say that he believes the trade would include the Niners 2nd overall pick in the upcoming draft, which would mean the Redskins would likely include their 17th overall pick in the package as well.

Jeremiah says he believes there is “a greater than 50% chance he’s not on the Redskins” this season. He did not sound confident at all that the team would be able to work out a long term deal, and that a tag and trade is a very strong possibility. Jeremiah is very much in the know around the league and has been known to be accurate in what he sees unfolding around the NFL. Get out your popcorn, fans! Things are about to get interesting real fast!

If this trade does indeed go down, the next question is what will the Redskins do with the 2nd overall pick? Let’s just assume that the Cleveland Browns select Texas A&M Defensive End Myles Garrett, I predict this team makes the pick that has Daniel Snyder written all over it. I very much see the Redskins selecting a Quarterback with the 2nd pick, and building up the defense in Free Agency and going after more proven players such as Dontari PoeTony Jefferson, or Bennie Logan (to name a few).

Snyder knows that with Cousins out the door that this well send fans into a frenzy and likely into full on hysteria, since realistically this team hasn’t had a legit Quarterback since the late 80’s. So how do you get fans all on the same page and renew their hope and excitement? Simple, you take the most polarizing Quarterback in this draft.

Enter Clemson Quarterback Deshaun Watson. I fully believe that after the combine there will be little doubt as to who the top QB in this draft class is. I expect Watson to impress coaches and scouts with his football IQ, his leadership, and will convince many that he can be a franchise QB. Do not be surprised if we start hearing some say that he’s the best QB that they’ve interviewed since Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson.

On top of all of that, Watson is as clutch as they come. We all saw what he did against Alabama (twice), and how he captured the heart of football fans around the world. He’s exactly what this fan base could use to get on the same page and build the future around.

Now yes, I am fully aware that this team needs to put it’s focus on the defense. I expect this team to put most of it’s big dollars towards the defense in Free Agency prior to the draft. On top of that, Colt McCoy is a solid backup, but he isn’t a guy that I would see as a fit to start and lead this team. Like what the Eagles did last season, drafting a young QB early on gives your team new hope for the future, and most importantly at a price that doesn’t require your team to break the bank. Not paying your QB $20+ million a year goes a long way and allows you to build the rest of your roster in the meantime.

Many will say this situation gives them flashbacks and deja vu of the Robert Griffin III draft situation, and that could be true, but at the same time brace yourself because it could be coming.




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