Redskins Defense Makes Wind of Change with Pivotal Role in Win

After a week filled with much consternation about how bad the defense really is, or was, and with some ardent fans calling for the sacking of Joe Barry as the Washington Redskins defensive coordinator, the defense finally showed up on a blustery day and played tough for the Redskins 3rd straight win.

With the defense shockingly leading the way, the wind pushing footballs from tees and extra points difficult to make, the Scorpions’ rock ballad, “Wind of Change” came to mind. Maybe it can be the defensive unit’s workout music and they can change the lyrics from Gorky Park to FedEx Field. I know its strange but there were a lot of strange things going on today.

One strange unintended side effect of the defense’s great play is that it caused so many 3 and outs that it gave the offense several chances to almost give the game away with a poorly executed 4th and 1, a fumble, and a devastating interception-return-for-a-touch-back-oh-my-god-did-they-just-catch-a-break-thank-you-jesus play.

There was also an inexplicable failed fake field goal attempt by the Baltimore Ravens that had everyone scratching their heads as to why they would do that when Justin Tucker is a very reliable kicker from that range, even with the wind. Additionally, the ensuing play selections by the Ravens who inexplicably, stopped running the ball against one of the worst defensive lines in the league must of caused Redskins fans to wonder if Jay Gruden also coached the Ravens.

It was a strange day that included a Redskin’s punt return for an 85 yard touchdown by Jamison Crowder, the first one since 2008. Crowder is turning out to be one of the team’s best players and is off to a gigantic start this year. Look out for more big plays from him throughout the year.

But even stranger still was the touchdown reversal after replay review in the last seconds of the game with Breshad Perriman trying desperately to bring down his other foot in bounds. Normally, the refs would not have had enough evidence and the called touchdown would of stayed. At first glance, it caused all Redskins fans to lament the missed opportunities and lack of extra point as the ghosts of the game that would haunt them. Luckily, Josh Norman had a clear shot of Perriman’s foot and knew instantly it was not a touchdown, which eased most of the lamentations temporarily.

The defense hung on several plays later and made the stops it needed to not only when it was essential but throughout the whole game. The defense deserves some love after the week they had being called out publicly and having their coordinator shunned. They were the main reason why this team won and why it might still keep on winning.

The offense just had an off day and didn’t really produce given all the wonderful opportunities it had. I counted four pass plays on 3rd and 1 that missed each time. I can understand not relying on the run game since it seems to be horribly ineffective but you can’t run the ball once, to gain one measly yard? That speaks volumes about how sad this run game is and how the coaching staff doesn’t even believe in the cadre of running backs on this team.

It will just have to be one of those things that is accepted this season along with inconsistent defense and Kirk Cousins throwing a random interception every game. The run game is just not a strength this year and its OK to acknowledge that as a weakness and just focus on your other strengths such as the receiving corps, special teams and pass blocking.

With three straight wins and the Philadelphia Eagles coming into town next week for a possible share of first place on the line. There is a lot to be excited about as a Redskins fan. It just makes me want to whistle a little bit and then romantically sing as I walk down the streets of D.C.

Take me….to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change…




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