Redskins Defense takes wind out of Bucs Sails with Turnovers

The Tampa Bay Bucanneers offense had almost 500 yards of offense by the time the game was over, with only 3 points to show for it.
Which was the first time that’s happened since 1960. The Washington Redskins defense was all about the big play over and over again and had four turnovers en route to what was a hard faught win.

The Redskins defense bent like one of those bars Superman uses to showcase his alien strength, yet never breaks. The turnovers we’re so timely they started to seem like granted wishes by Redskins fans. CB Josh Norman’s interception looked like he had hands made of glue. CB Greg Stroman’s interception showcased his clever insight as he cut into the play and almost took it back all the way. LB Ryan Anderson’s hustle along with a solid right hook had the ball KO’d into the end zone and into the waiting hands of S Haha Clinton Dix. Then the final turnover came when DE Preston Smith was sacking Vibranium Smuggler look alike, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, and DE Ryan Kerrigan punched the ball out and recovered it.

Four turnovers will generally lose you the game in many circumstances and the Bucs proved it with their errors. Similar to how the Redskins played the Atlanta Falcons last week it seems the Bucs mostly beat themselves as much as the Redkins beat them. But make no mistake, this Redskins defense has got the right pieces in place to win games like this. With a plus 11 turnover differential that ranks among the league’s top 3, this defense should rightly be feared and respected.

Additionally, don’t hold your breath and believe coach Jay Gruden for a second and think that this Redskins offense is on the principiece of getting better, because it’s not. When QB Alex Smith missed a wide open TE Vernon Davis on a corner route in the fourth quarter it was the type of long ball that absolutely has to be made given the situation and training that has gone into that play. It’s clear to most observers that Smith lacks accuracy and touch with the long ball and this is something that will not be corrected this season or possibly ever. There is too much circumstantial evidence that shows this to be true. It is something Redskins fans have been used to seeing since WR Deshaun Jackson left to go to Tampa. It was hoped that WR Paul Richardson Jr. would provide that specialty,  but injuries have derailed that hope.

Nonetheless, this Redskins team has a two game lead within the division after Week 10 in the National Football League. A statement that the most honest of fans would have laughed off as a joke if they had heard this in the off-season. Yet here they are, sitting pretty with 7 weeks left to go. What hasn’t been pretty was how the team won. They won ugly as the saying goes. Was it Sloth from Goonies ugly? Nah. Was it Eagles fan eating horse poop ugly? Hmm I don’t think so. It was more of a Happy Hour free shots of Jagermister ugly. Much can happen between here and the end of the season, but the Redskins control their own destiny no matter how flawed, frayed or ugly it might be.



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