Redskins Don’t Deserve To Go To the Playoffs with Worst Game of Season

Forced to play patient football on a cold and chilly night the Washington Redskins played arguably their worst game of the season.

Everyone on this team deserves a crappy grade. Everyone. From coaches, to players, to even the ball boys on the sideline. Hell, why stop there!? Even the fans, YOU and myself included, thought this team was a playoff team and even anointed them as such.  With the bright lights of Monday Night Football on, we could all see the major blemishes of this team.

The offense just couldn’t get the running game going because the running game maybe just isn’t that good. Robert Kelley has put on a great show with limited showing but it looks like teams are beginning to figure him and the running game out. The Carolina Panthers defense was in the backfield the entire game and seemed to have more motivation and energy than the Redskins offensive line.

When Kirk Cousins did go back for a pass he either threw it into the ground, over threw, fumbled it or threw an interception. Cousins played his worst game at the worst time. Cousins gave the game away to Carolina who used those turnovers to score points and were the main difference in this game.

He stunk.

Make no mistake, Cousins deserves the large contract he is about to receive.  Folks said his price went up with every great game he had, using that same reasoning he lost some money from this game. If the Redskins do not make the playoffs he stands to lose a little more.

It didn’t help that wide receivers dropped a lot of balls that were thrown to them either. One of the Redskins biggest weapons, Jordan Reed is playing so hurt that he’s hurting his team with poor blocking and not able to do much of anything else. Reed even threw a punch onto a helmeted player, and much like the entire offense he didn’t land the punch where it needed to go.  Shockingly, he did that with an already injured shoulder!

What a dummy.

But what the refs didn’t know, was that they did the Redskins a favor by ejecting Reed out of the game.  Sadly, he needs to get healthy before he does more damage to the already slim chances of having a winning season.

Maybe its the curse of Monday Night Football? The Redskins have lost 16 of last 17 home games on Monday Night Football, maybe that was why the Redskins lost?

I wish it was some wretched curse where we could slaughter a chicken or perform some gypsy ritual where we would all chant wildly, in the nude of course. But alas, its not a curse. Its about execution, preparedness and motivation. Of which, the Redskins had none.

Monday Night Football has nothing to do with going 2-12 on 3rd downs. Monday Night Football has nothing to do with missing an extra point. Monday Night Football has nothing to do with gaining a paltry 28 yards rushing.

The only ones who really suffer on Monday Night Football are the Redskins faithful who continue to attend these awful night home games. To those fans  who actually stuck out this awful game they were rewarded with no metro access after 11:30pm.  Haven’t they suffered enough?

Hey Dan Snyder, pay WMATA some extra cash to help out those fans. With the prices you charge for beer, the least you could do is allow folks to ride in your golf cart to and from the metro.

With 2 games left and a short week, the playoffs look to be out of reach for the Redskins and it will probably be said that they do not deserve the chance to play in them.  That statement will become true after next week if they lose. But they certainly don’t look like a playoff caliber team going 1 for 3 the last 4 games. Even if they did some how miraculously get in, they will end up losing anyways.

The focus should be developing the young players and seeing who doesn’t give up the last two weeks of the season.  Appreciate those who gave it their all and begin looking toward the draft.

For awhile there it seemed the Redskins controlled their own destiny. They still do, but it no longer pertains to this season anymore.



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