Redskins Reporters Draft Thoughts

Ahead of the NFL Draft in just a few short days, we here at Redskins Capital Connection asked a handful of Washington Redskins beat reporters (and one national NFL reporter) about their thoughts about what the Redskins would do in the first round.

The questions we asked these reporters were as follows;

  1. What Position will the Redskins draft with their 1st round pick?
  2. Name of the player you believe the Redskins will pick in the 1st round?
  3. What specific pick number will the Redskins pick highest in the first round? (IE will they stay at 17 or trade up/down?)
  4. Over the course of the entire draft, will the Redskins pick multiple players of the same position at all? And if so, what position?

It must be noted that the answers below do not represent a definitive prediction from each reporter; rather it is a snapshot of their thinking at the time they answered these questions. The final days leading into the draft are a hive of activity and rumors, and things change frequently.

Without further ado, here are their answers:

ReporterPosition First DraftedPlayer NamePick NumberMultiple Positions?

Mike Jones
Running BackChristian McCaffrey#17Yes - DL

Michael Phillips
LinebackerReuben Foster#17Yes - OL and DL

Brian McNally
LinebackerReuben Foster#17Yes - Corner

Chad Ryan
Defensive LineMalik McDowell#22Yes - DL

Mark Bullock
Running BackChristian McCaffrey#17Yes - Safety

Marc Sessler
SafetyJabrill Peppers#17Yes - Corner

Robbie Duncan
Defensive LineChris Wormley#17Yes - DL



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