Source: RGIII 2016 option likely to be picked up

According to a source, the Washington Redskins will pick up Robert Griffin III‘s 2016 5th year option.

The option must be exercised by May 3rd, and would guarantee Griffin nearly $16 million dollars in 2016.

Some may find this news surprising, but for myself I find it as an act of confidence in a young Quarterback who has had some bad luck, a chaotic environment surrounding him, and some poor post-injury play. Remember that in 2012 when Griffin had his best season, he had the mindset that he was the franchise, and that he had the confidence of his coaches and his team mates. He didn’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder and someone taking his job. As we all know, as Griffin’s injuries continued the noise for Kirk Cousins got louder, and we all know how that turned out!

Coach Jay Gruden didn’t exactly give Griffin a vote of confidence last season, and even decided to give starts to career backup Quarterback Colt McCoy. I believe that last season’s QB carousel really hurt Griffin’s confidence and was something that always stayed in the back of his mind.

Picking up the 2016 option will be a show of confidence by GM Scot McCloughan, letting everyone know that moving forward Griffin is his guy and he has faith that he will return back to his 2012 form. In return, this could very well help Griffin’s confidence in himself and allow him to play his style of football, without having to look over his shoulder.

Now that Scot McCloughan is the new GM, he’s going to have the final say and all that matters is how he feels about Griffin. Don’t forget that for McCloughan, a major factor in evaluating talent is character, and he may love what he sees in Griffin.




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