Training Camp 2018 Preview!

Chad Ryan, Redskins Capital Connection

We have a big show for you today; it’s not just another episode of the Redskins Capital Connection podcast, it’s a joint show with our RCC network family pod the On The Warpath crew!

That means it’s a full house today as we prepare you with everything you need to know as we head into Redskins Training Camp 2018 starting next week!

That includes an introduction for what training camp actually is, what the schedule is going to be like, and then because it’s a joint show with our On the Warpath crew today, of course we’re going to have three rounds of debate as we look at some pivotal training camp position battles that will start taking shape very, very soon.

Your hosts today are Chad Ryan, Mark Phillips, Robbie Duncan and Rob Henson, as we bring you a jam-packed podcast where we all do our best to hide our excitement at the fact that this week is the last time in 2018 we will be without some form of Redskins football!

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